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Looking For A FULL RIDE?: Book Launch Team

Thank you so much for wanting to join our mission to educate families, coaches, and other administrators on the college recruiting process. We want to offer some special extra benefits for being a part of our launch team:

  • 2 FREE webinars with Author & Coach Renee Lopez & her experts discussing everything recruiting & the college admissions process
  • 1 FREE Email Evaluation of emails BEFORE you send them to a College Coach
  • Special Report: 51 Items to include on a Player Profile/Resume
  • 3 Discounted Consulting Sessions for your family
  • Discounted Group Consulting Sessions
  • 1 Discounted Live In-Person Eventfor travel clubs & high schools
  • 2 Discounted Webinar Events for travel clubs & high schools
  • Group Discounts for Bulk Book Orders

As part of our book launch team, we ask 3 things:

  1. We ask you purchase a book for yourself and another book to giftto a coach, AD, principal, school counselor, or another sports parent (great end of the season gifts, as well as for Christmas gifts!). These will be SIGNED COPIES by Author & Coach Renee Lopez.
  2. Share our blogs from about the recruiting process with families & coaches who need this info!
  3. Share about our book via word-of-mouth and a couple of times a month on social media with other sports parents and administrators. Always use #lookingforafullride & We will make it VERY simple for you…we will literally give you the script and you can cut and paste to your own social media.

Join our Book Launch Team with these 2 easy steps:

  1. Purchase 2 copies of the book at & record your order number. These books will be signed and mailed to you this next week!
  2. Join our new Looking For A FULL RIDE? Book Launch Team Facebook Group & then you will see 3 questions you must answer asking for your order number showing your purchased 2 books, your email address, and to enter a password of “Coach”. This Facebook Group is how we will let you know about upcoming webinar events and give you scripts to cut and paste to help us get the word out!!

Thank you so much in joining in our process to help student-athletes live out their dreams to play sports in college!

Author & Coach Renee Lopez

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