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The college recruiting process can be a very overwhelming, often daunting task for high school students, parents, coaches, athletic directors, and guidance counselors. Many high school student-athletes are confused by NCAA and NAIA rules, as well as the best practices for contacting college coaches when in pursuit of an athletic scholarship.

Looking for a FULL RIDE? is an insider’s recruiting guide to catching the attention of college coaches, so high school student-athletes can  become college student-athletes. A successful, seventeen-year coaching veteran (College Head Coach for DI, DII, and NAIA),  Renee Lopez has interviewed and compiled research from over 65 college coaches and athletic directors. In addition she has interviewed another 25 admissions staff, enrollment personnel, NCAA compliance staff, and high school and travel club coaching directors to aid student-athletes in finding the right fit when it comes to a college athletic program and scholarship opportunities.


  • The best strategies for contacting coaches to receiving a positive response in initiating the recruiting process.
  • The best ways to get a college coach to attend your athletic event to evaluate you as a potential recruit.
  • The step-by-step process of standing out in the crowd at recruiting event or showcase
  • The best ways to earn an athletic scholarship.
  • The difference between ID camps, unofficial visits, and official visits.
  • Understand regulations for recruiting with the NCAA, NAIA, and junior college.
  • Successfully navigate the application, financial aid, and enrollment process.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

An opportunity for student-athletes, parents, coaches, athletic directors, and guidance counselors to understand the best means to be offered a roster spot and athletic scholarship for a college program.

  • Student-athletes, parents, coaches, and guidance counselors will learn how to tackle the recruiting process from multiple schools across the country to funnel down to a short list of the right-fit schools academically, athletically, and socially.
  • Student-athletes, parents, coaches, and guidance counselors will learn the ideal characteristics college coaches are looking for beyond being a high-level athlete and how that can lead to athletic scholarships.
  • Student-athletes will be advised how to be the type of leader college coaches are looking for during the recruiting process.
  • Readers will hear from over thirty college coaches and recruiting specialists, with advice about the best timelines during the high school years to contact coaches and enrollment staff, in order to better their chances of earning a roster spot and athletic scholarship.
  • Student-athletes will learn the most effective strategies for contacting college coaches and getting a response to their emails, letters, and phone calls.
  • Student-athletes will learn what is necessary for them to stand out from the crowd in large recruiting showcase settings.
  • Student-athletes will be educated on the differences between official and unofficial visits to a campus and the most important questions to ask a coach and admissions staff while on a campus visit.
  • Be introduced to the levels of competition and rules for recruiting with the NCAA, NAIA, and JUCO.
  • For those seeking a faith-based college, this resource will guide you in the right direction to find the right fit, a school that will assist in your spiritual growth while you also enjoy the college student-athlete experience.
  • International and home-schooled student-athletes will find strategies to help them be recruited by college coaches, effective methods that go beyond the traditional process.

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