Recruiting Webinar


Get insights from a former college NCAA D1, D2, and NAIA Head Coach about the college recruiting process for your high school sports team or club/travel team.

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Having been a college coach for 14 years and NCAA Compliance Director, Coach Renee Lopez is in high demand for her consulting services. In order to help serve a larger population across the USA, we have developed the College Recruiting Webinars. This session is designed to help high school student-athletes, parents, coaches, school counselors, and administrators to better understand the college recruiting process. It will be delivered online and recommended through Zoom platform.

Topics can include (usually present for about 60 min and then topics can very based off of q&a for 30 min=  90 min total)

  • Common Misconceptions on Athletic Recruiting
  • What steps should I be taking as a fresh, soph, junior, and senior?
  • Best Strategies to Emailing A College Coach
  • When should I start the process if I want an athletic scholarship?
  • Understanding NCAA & NAIA Rules & Eligibility Center
  • Taking the “Broken Leg” Test in Selecting Schools
  • Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media, Contacting Coaches, and Sending Videos
  • Parents, Coaches, School Counselors, and Student-Athlete’s roles
  • Best Ways to “Get Seen” By A College Coach
  • Unofficial vs Official Visits vs ID/Summer Camps
  • Questions to ask a college coach on the phone or on campus
  • What Does Committing and Signing Really Mean?

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